About our History

I have worked with so many artists and I often find that being an artist is their second or even third career. In a similar manner, I did not start out to be an expert in digital print workflows for greetings cards, or any other printed stuff, but life has a way of taking you to where it wants you.

My first career was mainly in telecommunications electronics and software, and in 2000 I was working for a UK public telecoms company when I was given the responsibility of generating printed phone bills (remember those?) for its business clients.

My word, that's 22 years ago! I was astonished at the time to discover that few printers could process our data into varied bills with graphical content relating to the individual company bill profiles.

So, I rapidly learned how to make digital print systems do what I wanted.

Since then I have developed whole end-to-end production workflows for a huge variety of complex print applications in the UK and in the USA and I have served on industry bodies concerned with developing languages and software processes for this type of printing. This includes developing the initial connections to print-on-demand production for many of the UK’s largest greetings card and online postcard companies.

The UK social enterprise for artists, LoveFromTheArtist, was born out of these years of development work, as was Transarnia Ltd. as a company to underpin this by providing all the technology and expertise needed.

Transarnia was incorporated in 2013 and LoveFromTheArtist’s main website started trading in 2016 with just a tiny number of artists in the West Country. Once launched, we very quickly discovered how much of a need there was for a practical methodology that could support and help artists.

As directors, Lynda Harvey and I are very proud to have been able to help and support so many artists and we hope this continues for many more years.

March 2020.