Some notes on using this web facility

In general, log-in, do your work and log out when you have completed what you wanted to do.

The products, images or work you create as you use this site are stored on our servers after you leave the site or log out, but we do not keep your working data indefinitely. If you do not log in or do not use the system for a long period, then some of your work – such as items waiting in your shopping basket – may be erased.

Your stored products are not time limited but are stored permanently as long as you have an account on this site.

You can access your account from different devices, but you should try not to do this concurrently because the results may be problematic.

We recommend using the site, and in particular the product design process, on a screen larger than a mobile phone as this will make the design process much easier for you.

If you opt to keep your email address (user name) in a cookie then this will auto-delete if you don’t access the site via the log-in process for one month. This is just a ‘helper’ to make the log-in easier and is not essential to using the site. Simply logging in again will restore your cookie for another month.