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Is this service for you?


Our production process is very reliable and well tested over many millions of items created and shipped, but you are key to the success of this service.

This is a SELF-PUBLISHING system. What gets printed is what you upload. It is laid out exactly as you set-up your products. Your work is sent to print by an automated process.

If you are someone who needs a lot of help to get things to print properly, and you don't feel you have the skills and technical abilities for self-publishing of your work, then this is not the system for you.

We have very limited resources to do things for you. We can advise on some areas if your work is not coming out as expected, but please allow that investigating issues takes time to complete. We are a very small staff.

This system is designed for a large screen device such as a laptop or PC. People do use the site on smartphones and tablets, but it is not recommended. If you are an iPad user you might experience difficulties – if you have problems with the main menus you might have to use your iPad in landscape orientation.