A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali

Our History

My word, that's 22 years ago!

Ian Lacey talks about getting drawn into the world of digital printing and printing for artists...

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Our Vision

We want you to enjoy being able to create new and beautiful print items from your art without needing a mortgage to pay for the printing.

It can be done...

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SAA and LoveFromTheArtist - How we got here

This system is part of a redesign of much of the LoveFromTheArtist (LFTA) product definition toolset for 2020/2021 onwards.

From several years of running LFTA, we now have a much better understanding of the kind of products our members want to access and we hope we can make defining these products easier to get to grips with.

Now in 2022 after much work between Transarnia, LoveFromTheArtist and SAA we are bringing this print facility to all SAA members.

We hope you will enjoy this new site and will create new and wonderful things from the services we can provide for you.

Ian Lacey - Director, LoveFromTheArtist and Transarnia

LoveFromTheArtist has thrived since its launch in 2016...

LFTA in brief:

LoveFromTheArtist (LFTA) is the invention of, and is managed by, social entrepreneurs Ian Lacey and Lynda Harvey. It is intended as a means to contribute to the visual arts in Britain and the UK through the development of a mini “economy” that allows artists to trade with the public and earn income to support their artistic works.

LFTA is based on fair trade, is non profit making, supports a wide range of artists and artistic styles and provides an open and fair opportunity for British artists, photographers and illustrators, for whom it is free to use.

LFTA focuses on helping small shops, often community organised ventures, to find and support artists in their local communities as well as allowing artists to sell work directly to the wider public through their pages on its website.

Ian Lacey and Lynda Harvey, as well as being the directors of Transarnia Ltd. and LoveFromTheArtist.org CIC, are both Fellows of The Royal Society of Arts (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).